Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg (Part 1)


I was considering about which book I should read first, Steve Jobs autobiography or this Sheryl Sandberg’s, then my choice goes to this one, because its page aint even reach 31% of the competitor, haha… 217 over 716.

Actually I just read the foreword of this “Lean In”, but be in love in an instant. Sheryl is such a role model for any women who want to pursue career in technology industry, moreover in this global world. She is one of the man behind Google’s success, started from it was still a startup company in early 2000, and how she through many barriers to reach the top (until become the COO of Facebook) is something that could encourage and empower women, even when we have a family and responsible to our child. I like the part when she said “I do not believe that there is one definition of success or happiness. Not all women want career, not all women want children. Not all women want both”. And it is really true. I saw many of my married women friends are fully being a housewifes, not passionate to make a career, yet they’re (seem) happy. But for women who have potential and high expectations of making goals in life, and also ambitious to make progress for the better world, take a role in top position could give us strong and powerful voice to speak out about our needs and concerns.

Women face too many complex challenges, not to mention our own internal obstacles. As a moslem, I’m not fully support the feminist manifesto or equality in any aspects, but as an individu (who also want to achieve many things in life), by reignite the revolution, I hope more people will understand about our desire, so that could help us to ease the burden that we-have-manage-all-aspects-at-home-while-other-activities-are-only-choices.

I hope my future husband read this book (hehe..) and become please to share more things, include to do more at home (be a real partner) then we can compromise the gap, while support each other, so we can be not only happy as a family, but also happy as a person 🙂

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NB: Hey, i just knew something! If we want to make a comment in reading progress of Goodreads, we’re just allowed to write in no more than 420 characters! While when I’m just read 10 first pages of a book, I can even review (as you see above) multiple times of the limit. So I think post it on blog is a good option.

Anyway… The more I know about Sheryl, the more I adore. From workplace to home, college to world most respected company, anything. And the TIME magazine cover below is one of the most powerful pictures of her, so I print it and use it as a wall poster in my room. What do you think? 😀


And readers, if you are also a women who lean in, you can join to LeanIn.org , a non-profit organization that Sheryl founded to empower all women to achieve their ambitions. Lets struggling together! *cheers* 😀

3 thoughts on “Lean In – Sheryl Sandberg (Part 1)

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