Lean In – Part 2

Finished the first chapter of the book and found that every sentence was essential. Its impossible for me to re-write it all here, rite? So please, grab the book and read it by yourself. Its enlightning for both men and women. By economic base, Sheryl did the numeric approach, explained facts by using data but still by sharing more about her own experience as well. Throwed me back to my childhood when i was almost always be top of the class, and be the leader for all, while many other girls also did. It proved that we all have the chance to be number one, not restricted to specified genre. But where are they when they grew up? How many women take the executive positions now? This chapter showed a lot, even in the international business circle! Stereotype threat we could say. When being ambitious for women seems negative, when our biology demands that we have children while during the same time our career demands maximum time investment, when our surrounding warns that we cant be committed to both our families and careers, when barrier is all we see to aspire, lets start to ask ourselves: What Would We Do If We Weren’t Afraid?

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