Sheryl Sandberg – Lean In (Part 3)

In the 2nd chapter: Sit at The Table, Sheryl slapped me with her blatant truth about psychological tendencies that woman have. Something that might seems obvious, but we often reluctant to admit (like the institutional obstacles are not enough -.-“)

As woman, we rarely think about deserving achievement, position, or even compliment. We often give lower scores to ourselves about anything, while men do the reverse. Eventhough we’re good at something, we usually haunted by insecurity that we’re not good enough, there’s still a lack of something, and so on. When somebody congratulates us for a good news that they heard, we feel that we already being fraudelent and fooled them. When a plan gone aint as we wish, we always search the bad side and drop into a great degree (compared to men, who even can take that so easily). And know what? To complete all those messy feelings, these mental problems for women could take very serious impact for a long time. Oh, well~

And yea.. anyway, I got a new term from this chapter, that is: Impostor syndrome – phenomenon of capable people being plagued by self-doubt. Coz, for example, even when a woman was offered an executive position in a company, while everybody thinks that she is the fittest person for it, she herself might think hundred times more than man to receive and say “yes, I’m ready”. Hufft~

I think everybody should know this. Be a woman and a leader is not easy. We really need to adjust our intellectual and emotional capacity. Me myself is gonna practice more each day.. to think slightly like a man.. just feel good about achievement, regardless to its imperfection.. give higher scores to myself and feel deserve about many great things.. to not so desperate when bad luck comes… courage to take risks and make any opportunities fit for us… enjoy the life, coz the ups and downs are unavoidable. Just let it flow, Hani.. just let it flow.. not go with the flow, but GROW with the flow.. coz your happiness is all depend on you.
Wish me tons of lucks. Cheers!