FREE E-Book, Only for You

Hi, all!

It had been years since the last time i wrote here, haha.. Many things to do, and yea.. of course many things worth to share. But to manage the time to be effective is still a big homework for me. Anyway, I also write some posts in another blog, specifically in bahasa, while most of the contents are reshare information that (hopefully) will be useful for others, just to differentiate this web that I intend to be my own private sharing space which is also fully in (my-own-style-practical) English =p

Just like now, I didnt expect that I want to write today, but when I do, I can’t hold it.

If only you know, guys, I have a very long list of topics that I want to discuss about here, but perhaps those things will only truly written if I have a whole time of the world, really >,< Maybe I should lower my expectation of myself that I always have to write a long-comprehensive post, instead of make the short-shallow one. It only made me actually NEVER wrote, while at the same time, I keep posting on facebook page and tweeting! Why didnt I share here? The facebook posts and tweets might be drowned and disappeared, but blog posts will always remained and waited to be read by anyone (beside also as my own reminder). So.. here i am, trying to change my habit, exercising muscles again. Ready?

Fyuuh~ But since it is gonna be the “warming-up” post, so let’s get started by the fun one xD

As the title above, I wanna give u a free e-book. No, not the illegal one. It permitted to be shared directly from the author. And know what? This is a pictorial book for kids, yay! ^,^/ Haha… For those who know me personally, must have known that I’m a huge fan of kids book. And for those who not, well.. now I told u that I am. I have become the admirer of this kind of book since around 2008, since somebody introduced me to the magical things that this could create. I even ever illustrate a serie of pictorial kids book, and it got me deeper to its world. No, no, please.. don’t get me wrong. It doesnt mean that I’m kind of people that surrender self to be trapped in childhood. No. We may not always easily judge people by only single thing like that. I read all kind of books, from technical journal to philosophy, history to psychology, drama to science-fiction, comics to detective novels, you name it (except motivational books, maybe xP). But kids book has attracted me to find its particularity. If we learn it well, this will lead us to explore about civilization, neuro-science, and even a thing that i called social-engineering. You can see a huge difference from people who love reading since early age and not. How the imagination works and fantasy or fairytales from bed time stories affects human thinking, or even more, how this made us collectively to be a weak nation in this scientific competitive world. Sounds serious, eh? :p But it is.. Kids book is a serious stuff. We can discuss about it for days, if you don’t mind.. well, but i know it’s not the time, haha.. We will do it later. I promise.

Sooooo… what exactly am I trying to share? :))

A good friend of mine had made a simple book like seen below:

What ju think?

At the first sight i see it, I thought it was made by an illustrator and it was on sale. But after I read my friend’s story, I just knew that it was her own made picture, and she really learnt from zero to made it. Amazing! I remembered the first time I hold a pencil to write a sketch and how hard this could be.. moreover to create a good story that has an end. So, to appreciate her effort, and also to poison people to simply reading, i want to help to share it to my circle. And with the kindness of hers, you guys may also reshare it to anyone u wish. Just several pages.. yet still sweet for me.

Soooo.. where’s the book, Haneeee…??

Haha, okay, okay, I’ll stop blabbering and just give you the link here :

Hope you guys enjoy it as I am, and again, thanks to mba Nita Chandra for giving me a little push to write again, hihi..

Overall, such a quite short post, rite? :B See you next time, and.. have a nice day!


PS: I lost ALL my blog comments because unintendedly deleted along with the spams, huaaaa :'(( So please to leave any comments again just to adorn this quiet dark blog, hiks.