I’m kind of that girl, who has her father as her no.1 man on this planet. Eventho we rarely talking, because we’r also not that so expressive to state our feelings. He often keep silent, yet I know he’s always watching me. Never force something, coz he knows that I’ll always have my own expectation. Mother phoned me, but I know it was my father who really wanna do it and asked her to do so. He’s the one who would be happier when I’m happy, and feel broken when I’m sad.

This Ramadhan bring those memories.. when he carried me on his back while going home from the mosque after itikaf. What old times.

Nothing as big as my love for you, dad. All i wanna do is just to make you feel proud of me. 💞❤️💖 #FeelingEmosyenel




I can’t stop telling people that I love my dad so much. But weirdo, I can’t tell him directly so often instead. Maybe you r also aware when you see my this blog’s title: Daddy’s Little Warrior. I dedicated to him. Well.. since I was a kid I realize that I wasn’t born as a princess, and my parents never raised me to be one tho. Instead, they raised me to be “a warrior”, a person who can survive in any conditions of life, and I’m thankful for that.

If only you know my father very well, we are so much alike, maybe not apparent physically, but in basic character and attitudes (unfortunately including all the bad habits). I always see him as a mirror, I see myself in him, and his in me, even for little things. When I confused analyzing myself, I usually end up by finding the answer in him, I almost always act, react, and think exactly like him. I’m just his another version. I know how he works so hard for his family and never complain to surrender his life for his loved ones. So this time, all I can say is.. “so will I, dad”. I’ll be ashamed if I give up on life just by remember you. Even when every thing seems bleeding and depressing. I promise that I will always be.. your little warrior. *cross finger* #KeepSurvivingForDad #ThugLife


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