Probability Rate of Love


Source: (instagram) Karya Adalah Doa


Today, Indonesia has a big lost. Our 3rd president has passed away, after been hospitalised for days. He was a real idol for anyone. He was a brilliant inventor, big tech initiator, a noble statesman, and inspirations across generations. And one of so many things that people adore: his love life. I guess each Indonesian knows how amazing he and his wife nurtured their loves toward each other, or “true love” that really one of a kind, they say.

Regarding this topic, I always imagine how someone can deeply in love with only one person for the whole life. Fact: most such couple come from the older generation. Another fact: they were born when tech was not as massive as today. So, is there a correlation?





Firstly, what kinda change exactly that tech brings to our life? For me: Choices/options. Or in statistic: bigger random sample. You’ll be part of global community, you can easily communicate with anybody, you can even update someone’s life without really talk to the person. I am sure many people haven’t decide to marry is also because they tend to think “I expect to find someone better out there”. As we know, paradox of choice; the more choices you have, the longer time you need to decide (and the less your happiness rate could be)”.


The less the events, the less the result


So does in matter of love. Well, I might be wrong, but as I’m married, that’s one principal that I’m trying to apply “Hani, no more big random sample (probability rate changed), you have no choice now but to love your spouse wholeheartedly, he’s the only one you have to devote your feeling, and that’s it”. It changed the game.

Yea, thats what I think so far. In brief, if you want to be better in relationship: beware of tech, keep making your choices limited. But don’t trust me anyway. Good statistician always say:

“Correlation does not imply causation”.

Lastly, rest in peace, eyang Habibie. Now you can gather with your loved one in eternity ❤


Jakarta 2019,

in the mid-day while ordering Grabfood for lunch


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