Probability Rate of Love


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Today, Indonesia has a big lost. Our 3rd president has passed away, after been hospitalised for days. He was a real idol for anyone. He was a brilliant inventor, big tech initiator, a noble statesman, and inspirations across generations. And one of so many things that people adore: his love life. I guess each Indonesian knows how amazing he and his wife nurtured their loves toward each other, or “true love” that really one of a kind, they say.

Regarding this topic, I always imagine how someone can deeply in love with only one person for the whole life. Fact: most such couple come from the older generation. Another fact: they were born when tech was not as massive as today. So, is there a correlation?





Firstly, what kinda change exactly that tech brings to our life? For me: Choices/options. Or in statistic: bigger random sample. You’ll be part of global community, you can easily communicate with anybody, you can even update someone’s life without really talk to the person. I am sure many people haven’t decide to marry is also because they tend to think “I expect to find someone better out there”. As we know, paradox of choice; the more choices you have, the longer time you need to decide (and the less your happiness rate could be)”.


The less the events, the less the result


So does in matter of love. Well, I might be wrong, but as I’m married, that’s one principal that I’m trying to apply “Hani, no more big random sample (probability rate changed), you have no choice now but to love your spouse wholeheartedly, he’s the only one you have to devote your feeling, and that’s it”. It changed the game.

Yea, thats what I think so far. In brief, if you want to be better in relationship: beware of tech, keep making your choices limited. But don’t trust me anyway. Good statistician always say:

“Correlation does not imply causation”.

Lastly, rest in peace, eyang Habibie. Now you can gather with your loved one in eternity ❤


Jakarta 2019,

in the mid-day while ordering Grabfood for lunch


A Gift

Why in life you can’t choose your family?

Because they actually are a gift.

Sometimes in my hard times I didn’t even expect anyone could give hands and help me. But once family know, they always try and find a way to ease the burden. Then I just hope that I will never take them for granted anymore.

One Thing At A Time, Data Mining, and Kindle


Ok, sorry for the photo


Guess what? I’m currently in the middle of my reading and choose to take a break just to write this post. I’m reading Data Mining – Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (some people recommended this one, so I give it a try), written by the practitioners of WEKA, one of the powerful softwares to mine data, and I expect this book is really practical just like mentioned in its title. I spent several hours to reach half of this book (around 250 pages) and I think it’s pretty fast, because I was not skimming, but really reading it comprehensively. Why so? How could I do that?

Recently, I’m practicing to apply a method, that may be very common to all of you, but not everyone doing it: “One Thing At A Time” method. Started when a friend of mine telling me something about healthy eating behavior. She said that, if we have to choose between bathing and eating, what should be done first, it’s better for us to do bathing first and eating afterward. Why? Because when doing food digestion, our body needs to focus and not distracted by any other activities. She even said that, bad digestion can produce toxic. So when we eat, it’s not recommended to double the job by reading books, watching movies, checking social medias, stalking your ex-es, or so on. And I think it’s also relevant generally. People nowadays are crazily obsessed by multi-tasking, like we have to accomplish so many things at a time. The question is: is it really work? I personally think that it is a toxic (at least for me). Instead of being a benefit, it usually becomes a threat. When we’re doing jobs and keep moving from one to another, most likely we end up by not finishing them all well. Or worse, none of them is finished. Well, some people might say that they can deal with that, but me, even without distraction, my mind is often branched far off the topic, so it’s best to get rid of all unrelated stuff. And to make it more powerful, I even wrote the sentence in a big sheet of paper and put it on my wall: ONE THING AT A TIME. Whuff~

So, done with the method and back to the book. I finally chose to take a break because after finish half of it, I found that this book is veryyyyyyy…….. useless 😐 (I give the link below this post if you want to download the PDF and read it too). The authors waste my time by babbling about data mining application in different industries until page 90, which not necessary needed. And when they move into technical chapters, I found them not easy to understand, unless data mining is already in you (with that advanced statistics, complicated formula, and well programming skills), and you just read this book as a supplement. So, I think I will shift to another book: Mining of Massive Datasets, and decide whether this one is better or judge that these books are typical.


Lets see…


Talking about books, usually in weekdays I spend 1-2 hours for reading. But in the weekend like this, I can spend so many hours only for consuming words and extracting information from books, and now I’m starting to worry. Not because of the reading, but the medium. You know, of course I do love physical books. But since my reading is dominated by English books (which are not cheap to collect them all physically, and not all of them are provided in near places either), my books now are mostly in digital form, and I read them all through gadgets. We can imagine, even without reading books on a laptop, I spend my time staring at the screen for so long, for improving skills, coding, doing tasks, emailing, and other activities. And when I want to relax and doing what I love, which is reading, I still have to torture my eyes with shiny lights from LCD? Oh My….

So now I’m seriously considering about using Kindle. But because it is not officially sold in Indonesia, perhaps I have to find a way how to get it. Well, surely those local marketplaces are selling it, but, are there some issues to be concerned about? Or is it just okay to buy from the local seller with a higher price? Will there be any trouble with US credit card payment? Oh, please, for any of you who have experience, do share with me, I will be very appreciate it. Meanwhile, I’ll be using this laptop or smartphone and aching in tears when it takes too long. Huhuhu…


Craving for thisss!



In the mid-day, when all my eyes want to see are green leafs and prairie,

hope that I will never have to use reading glasses in my whole life



Download PDF:

Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques – Ian H. Witten & Eibe Frank

Mining of Massive Datasets – Anand Rajaraman & Jeffrey David Ullman

My Review of “The Clash of Civilizations” by Samuel Huntington


Well, sometimes we read a book simply because every body does. Just like me with this one. I read it because this article said that it’s one of books in the reading list of students in top campuses like Harvard, Columbia, Princeton, etc. So I gave Huntington a try.

This book tells about fundamental civilizations globally. Interestingly, by just reading this book, we can be more acknowledged with role of each nation in this world and how they affect each other (which make me also want to learn again about maps and upgrade my geographical skill!! Ha ha >,<).

By following the stories, we can observe that the fundamental source of conflict in this new world will not be primarily ideological or primarily economic. The great divisions among humankind and the dominating source of conflict will be cultural (region, ethnic group, religious groups, all have distinct cultures at different levels of cultural heterogeneity). Or as R.R.Palmer said, “The wars of kings were over, the wars of people had begun”. The next world war, if there is one, will be a war between civilizations.

“The West and The Rest”. This polarization are also emerging yet I don’t really support this. Our people should not be manipulated and utilized by certain purpose of irresponsible party. Remember what happen with Iraq. “The struggle against American aggression, greed, plans, and policies will be counted as jihad and anybody who is killed on that path is a martyr”. “This is a war”, King Hussein of Jordan argued, “against all Arabs and all Muslims and not against Iraq alone”. The question is.. “is that really true??”. Or… Just like Western leaders who claim they are acting on behalf of “the world community”, the very phrase that become a euphemism to give legitimacy to the actions of them.. Do you really think that is right?? Or with what happened in Indonesia.. when Ahok is suspected to do… well, never mind -.- (I don’t wanna talk about it).

We should think more clearly in seeing diversities around us and be a part of civilization that embrace all the differences with an objective and a good way. That’s the least what I learned from this piece of Huntington. Go read by yourself.

In the middle of (very) bad times,

and I’m reading book about conflicts, instead


(For other reviews:

Also read: Review of “Lean In” by Sheryl Sandberg

A Year-End Note: About Living


My midnight doodle long long time ago. But still relevant to depict my wired brain.


I start writing this exactly in the new year eve, with firework explosions as the back sound and friends around me. Still don’t know what to write, yet I want to jot down something to remark tonight. I still don’t get why people outside love to celebrate new year, beside we have to change the almanac and the way we mention the date we live in. Many movies must being screened on TV now, and many festive moments people are sharing on social media. But me, I have nothing special in these minutes toward year-end.

So let me do reveal one thing for you;
Perhaps I’m still the same me, like I used to, like I always am. Oftentimes I think that I’m kinda person who live with “Peter Pan syndrome” (I name it myself) in life, like a kid who never wanna grow up, and just wanna stuck in a certain of age. Maybe that what makes me not so excited about welcoming new year, and feel bitter instead. For me, get older means enter life with more demands, and I’m not really okay with that.

But I want to understand people. Maybe they feel joy for their new hopes of their plans, or simply for the free fireworks show and public entertainments. There must be some days we can treat differently anyway. Otherwise, human just live in the same boring days over and over again.

Fortunately, I leave 2016 with not so desperately. At least, there are still remarkable things happened throughout the year: I won competition, traveled, did business trip abroad, and got a scholarship in a cool university. Even though if we look deeper, those things were all unexpected, or were not something I planned for. In contrary, for the things that I’ve planned, I got so different results. I’ve been facing uncountable problems in business, academic matter, basic habits, and personal life. And most of them got me frustrated, even until now. Coz even when you have only good deeds on people, conflicts are somehow inevitable. And yea, I’m still single (if you do care). Some men indeed approach me, but just like in a drama, I always fall to someone that I can’t have. I remember at the last time my heart was broken (not long ago), I ever asked a friend, ” Am I not good enough?”.. and my friend answered, “No, Hani. It’s not about being bad or good enough. It’s about compatibility. If he cant accept you, it simply because he doesn’t think that you’re compatible for him”. And that made any sense. But ahh.. lets get rid of this topic. I can never do anything about it, so helpless. Just promise me you will pray for me, okay? To find someone “compatible”? Meanwhile, I’ll be just dating books, as usual (MY SAVIOR!!)

However in the end, I know that there are still things to be grateful for, especially related to family. I still have my supportive parents and that’s even more than just “something”. If they’re still fine, then I should be just fine, others can follow. For many times I’m not really conscious of what I’m feeling and what I’m really worrying. Single thing I know is, I’m still living.


While trying to regain my focus,

In the place where I always spend NYE since years ago….. a mosque

Winning Australia Awards Twice And Becoming An Anomaly


Thank you, Australia!


Well, actually everything happened so fast, til I didn’t really aware what was coming over me. Just a week after I submitted my application (at the very last minutes of deadline) for Short Term Award Scholarship, I directly received an email that it was successful and I got selected to be an awardee of AAS (Australia Awards Scholarship) once again. HOoOoO o.O

For me personally, it proved one point, as written on my late post, that every time you were brave to take a step, even though you were not sure where it would led you to, it surely would take you somewhere, while hesitation to move would just bring you nowhere. I never expected that my decision for taking fellowship scholarship in Flinders Uni would give me so much benefits, even after the program ended. One of them is, I am already categorized as an alumni of Australian university, and by that, many opportunities opened. I was invited to join the alumni network, to attend the alumni events, to make connections among great people, etc, beside as an alumni, there is also a chance to apply for grant scheme to fund our business activities that making impact for people, and this, which just brought me here, to apply for a special scholarship for alumni.

I felt nothing to lose when I applied this special scholarship, remembered that I just came back from my fellowship in Adelaide months ago (9 months to be precise, not even a year, aight?) and the new scholarship I was applying titled “Transformational Business Leadership – for Outstanding Alumni of Australian Universities”, so that the awardees must be valued as outstanding persons, no? But what made me eager to apply was, the fact that the program would be run in the coolest uni in Australia, The University of Sydney (that Hogwarts look alike campus), and that we would study about economy/finance, subjects that urgently needed by me to run my business better. And perhaps, God had a plan for me, so TADAAAA… I got it, and here I am again, in the pre-departure workshop altogether with other fellows who will leave and study in Sydney later. And I’m becoming an anomaly.


2nd day of the 3 days pre-departure workshop


Why I call myself an anomaly? Well… After flocked with other awardees, I found facts that:

  • Everyone in this group had graduated and got degree from various Australian uni long time ago. Some of them finished their bachelor in Oz, most of them got their master degree, and the rest even already got a Phd title from there. But me. I’m just a fellowship graduate by all means. Only me.
  • All the people here have crucial positions in their well-established companies, national and multi-national, senior managers and or directors who are averagely aged 40’s. But me. I’m the one and only still living in my 20’s and working in a relatively new venture. I’m the very youngest one and have no peers, literally.
  • Most of them have background in finance and or working in such field, but.. me again X))

Yea, but chill. Instead of feel alienated, I think that I’m privileged to be among them, to be given a chance to learn much from experienced people, and to do acceleration. Sometimes lonely, like “am I really belong here??”, but.. well, lets just take the bright side anyway.


funny how to call them (who aged as my father) class mates


So, as I noticed right after the workshop started, different from my previous AAS, where not all my class mates could speak English well, in this current group, I can see that everybody’s really smart and everybody has a very good English (otherwise, they wouldn’t graduated from Oz and become global business leaders, eh?). It makes the class and discussions so much alive. Anyone can participate and share their well thoughts and experiences. And it is very very exciting! We are assisted directly by one of the directors of Sydney Uni Business School, Prof.Robin Stonecash, and the program leader, the funny smart Kyle Arthars, sooo much fun!!


Kyle is so tall so you can always notice him right away


So, for those who ask me whether this program is related or is the sequel of my previous AAS, no, it is not. It’s completely apart, yet given from the same scholarship provider, funded by the Australian government.

And so what I can share with you from winning the AAS twice are:

  • I think AAS are very concerned in making impacts of their programs. So (especially for the long-term awards), they look for candidates who can give influences or create changes. That’s why some people may say potential awardees mostly come from the government institutions, rather than who work in private company, because they are more likely to be the persons who have authorities to make policy or something that will affect to the society.
  • The rule above also somehow applied in short-term award. If you’re not a PNS or working for the government, for targeting the objective of making impact, it’s good for you to have an important role in your company or institution, because in common perspective, if you do so, as you educated, there are not only you who will be benefited, but also (directly and indirectly) your environment and people in surrounding.

    Based on these two, my tip is: when you apply, tell them clearly about your role, and show them how influencing you are.

  • Another hint from me; Australia has special concern in particular subjects, such as women empowerment/gender equality, people with disabilities, and development in rural areas. So if you want to biggen your chance in winning their scholarship, you can tell them how you involve in those issues. If you are a disabled person, I strongly recommend you to apply, because instead of be ignored, you are more likely to be prioritized. I can guarantee that. (And don’t worry, Australian environment is adequately inclusive)
  • Become an alumni of Australian Uni will bring you so many advantages, so that you should not miss the chance to be a part of it. Moreover, when this post published, AAS do even have (very) short courses that only take 2 weeks.

my bag is ready


And what make the short-term award special:

  • We don’t have to provide any certificate of English proficiency (maybe it can help, but not compulsory). They asses fully based on our CV, applications, and essays.
  • They will help to make our student visa. In my case, I give them the data, and the AAS officer proceed it to the embassy.
  • The stipend and facility are a bit higher compared to for the long-term awards
  • Most likely, you will be gathered with leaders of the industry.
  • To maximize the output, the program must be including business visits, networking events, and social programs for you to experience Australia way more.

So, what are you waiting for? For Indonesian, you can check to for looking for suitable program for you. Meanwhile, I’ll be finishing my pre-departure workshop and preparing for my next journey in Sydney very very soon. Wish me luck, guys!!


In the cold un-air conditioned hotel room,

still absorbing today’s material and trying to fit in these grown-up people

#BookReview The Ocean At The End Of The Lane: When An Adult Is Just A Grown-Up Kid


What impression do you get from the cover?

Yeay! A book for this month! (at the very verge of the month)

It’s so hard for finding reading time recently, so even finished reading the 180 pages short novel (not thick nor dense) feels like an accomplishment >,< #sad

Actually it was my first Neil Gaiman’s book, I’ve never read his work before. I think I heard his name quite a lot, but I didn’t sure what genre he usually write. So I didn’t expect much what the story would tells about.. fiction? mystery? drama? another world? or what? in the first chapters, I just let him surprise me…

But then I really surprised. The book was mix of them all, hahaha.. After read other people’s review, they just call it a “Gaiman’s genre”.

Opened with a middle-aged man (whose name is never mentioned – not even once) revisiting the place where he used to live with his parents and sister when he was seven. Then the place starts to bring back a strange sequence of memories as seen through the eyes of a young boy. So can u imagine? The narrator was the grown-up man, trying to tell haunting events through a kid’s perspective. Interesting.

Personally, besides the what-so-called fantasy part, it reminded me of things that children know and adults no longer understand and remember. We usually see things differently, so does how we do things. I remember when I was a kid, I confused seeing my mother and my sister crying.. I though that “hey, you’re adults.. you supposed to be mature enough to face anything in this world. You’re not me. I’m a kid, and only kids who allowed to whine and cry”. (but I didn’t say it directly to them, anyway). So many thoughts are changing.. but I always find that the way of thinking when we were kids are very exciting. I also can so relate with the boy character, the kid who lived in books more than he lived anywhere else. Even until now, I can say book is my sanctuary, the only place that can make me feel safe. People like us could drowned in the imaginary world, and even always observed surrounding and wondered how if the story that the book tell was really happened? Adults follow path, kids explore. And Im eager to capture all those states.

After all, I think it’s a kind of book that you have to read in one sitting. The creepy yet beautiful setting of Sussex, completed by British English that has specific sense of language, will bring you to your own exploration. And I guess I’ll be looking for another Gaiman’s after this.. Any idea?

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Some of My Biz Field Visits in Adelaide and What We Can Learn From Them (Part I)

Okay. Some of you might have known that I got a fellowship from the Australian government in Flinders University, but probably wonder what exactly it is and how the program runs. Well… actually it all depends on its subject. And since my subjects are about business and social studies which are based in a university, so that the learning delivered through the combination of variety of guest lectures, intensive trainings, and field visits, academical and practical knowledge abridge, in order to have strong fundamental theoritically, yet we can implement them in effective ways.

Lecturing, training, field visit. Which one is my favorite? Oh yeah, definitely the outside class sessions!! Ehehe… We visited many respectable government offices and enterprises, but because I tend to always bring my business head, I want to share about the business side and parts that I think are interesting for me personally, my business, and my lovely hometown, Bandung =)

Because there are too many, I will divide the summary into several parts. And these are the first ones:

1. Adelaide City Council


Located in the heart of the city, it’s very close to my apartment, and I always passed the office every time I go to Rundle Mall from Flinders Campus xD From my first weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed with their initiatives. You can find brochures about the City Council Programs in many places, including campuses, city library, etc. They run soo many programs, yet some of which attracted me are:

a. Digital Hub

Not everyone can operate a Macbook. Not everyone can optimize Windows either. Not everyone even knows how to use the e-library. Digital skill is one of the 21st century “must have” skills (I think). But even in Australia, there are still many people who do not acknowledged yet about how to use those electronics (and of course, especially aged people). For the younger generation, the level may be different. More advanced, perhaps. (Hey, look at me.. sometimes I’m also still face trouble with the Mac OS, zzz :|)

The point is… along the technology improvement, our people are also always need to be updated.. rite? And how the Adelaide Digital Hub do that?

They provide a free training for specified subjects, even one-on-one training with a trainer. And how did they get the trainers? They hire and open for volunteers (there are benefits for those who applied). Australian citizenship is not compulsory. Anyone can get involved, anyone can learn together. And they even eager to know what kind of training that we currently need. Remember… investing in people is investing in long-term business, too.

Bandung? I’m sure we can do this!

b. Adelaide Business Start-Up Grants


meeting with some stakeholders in Tonsley

You know, I can feel that the City Council is really encouraging for people setting up a business in this city. And for this year, they run this grant program. If I want to open my business in Adelaide, they can grant me up to $30,000 and use the under-utilized public building here. Surely it has terms and conditions. That number may only cover no more than 50% of the total cost, and there are common rules that we have to follow. But hey, it’s tempting, isn’t it? And it can also help them to grow a sustainable economy and optimize the unused land.

One of my Indonesian fellows, mba Rizna, the owner of @bakpiapia from Yogyakarta has applied for this grant, had a meeting with their representative, and I really hope everything goes well, so we can observe more about the opportunity provided. The City Council told her that if this program succeeds, they plan to make it an annual program, yeay! \o/

For Bandung? Our mayor has launched the “Kredit Melati” for the SMEs. It is also a good sign of his will. Just hope it will persist and grow to help our society starting up a business.

And hey hey hey, wait! I just remember that we also have that “Little Bandung” store program. How about to make it in Adelaide? I guess I should talk with kang Emil after this. G to G must be a lot easier (?), moreover for this good partnership. Another “Little Bandung” store in South Australia, how cool is that? 😀

c. Sustainable City Incentives Scheme

IMG_1613 (111)

Solar PV is everywhere >,<

This one is what I’m really craving for, aaaakkk…!! ~~\o/ The City Council is really aware of environmental issues. They provide funding for residents, business, schools, community, and organizations that want to help to reduce carbon emission, conserve energy, water, and natural resources! D*mn cool!!

The incentives scheme can provide up to $5,000 for us installing solar PV, or energy storage, electric vehicle charging controller, building energy efficiency upgrade, changing out quartz halogen to LED, solar hot water system, rain water tanks, etc. THAT-JUST-COOL!

I’m not sure if it is possible to be implemented in Bandung, or even in any city in Indonesia. But yea… we can learn from this :’)

People-Planet-Profit. That’s all connected to make sustainable system.

d. The City Adelaide Prize


around the city, we can see many design installations side by side with the heritage buildings

The Adelaide City Prize is an annual prize to encourage people to propose and nominate projects that activate and enliven the city. The projects can be of any scale and may include buildings, public art installations, landscape works and temporary contributions to public space that actively engage the community and enhance the city’s public spaces.

I think the keywords are “brainstorm ideas for urban design”. And Bandung? With our mayor who comes from architectural engineering background? It is more than just possible! X) We had this in the latest “Babakan Siliwangi Design Prize”. And maybe  we can develop more in wider cover range ^_^

The more livable a city, the more dynamic the sectors within.


Whuff! Even only from the City Council, I already write this long >,< Okay.. just 2 more for the rest of this part…


2. City of Prospect


the bus that pick us up to the City of Prospect library

In brief, my first impression of this is… it’s like BCCF! (Bandung Creative City Forum), even though it’s not really similar. The City Prospect has established more than one century! It is also area based. There are some acres allocated to be part of the community. They build their own infrastructure, and the development covers several aspects of economy, technology, and social. The similarity comes from the idea that they help the local government to achieve their missions, related to city improvement, people involvement, (hobby based) community engagement, kind of that sort. Then I think, aha! We already have this. And I feel more grateful because in Bandung, we have a potential strength that not all cities in the world have; we are dominated by youth &/ productive-aged people. (And fyi, our population is twice as many as in Adelaide).

Collaborations across sectors are opened widely. And in Bandung, we are… people who love to collaborate =)


City of Prospect Digital Hub. Interestingly, the word “PROSPECT” is ended by “CT”


with Matt Grant, the director of business and economic development of City of Prospect, who said that he has visited some co-working spaces in Bandung and met Yohan Totting, one friend of mine, too (Uwh yeah Yohan, who doesn’t know you? :)))


3. SASS Place


Carly, the founding director

I have ever mentioned it in my Facebook post, but I want to re-write about this place. This is a co-working space which also became my exploration in making paper/policy brief in Flinders University, one that I presented in the symposium, observe the possibility how if we adopt the concept for women in SMMEs in Indonesia, to optimize their contribution in the country’s economy.

For those who not yet have an idea what kind of place it is, here is my brief explanation: SASS Place is a co-working space located in the city of Adelaide, with their tagline; A Hub For Female Change Makers. Sooo interesting! Why? In fact, I’m also interested in making a co-working space, but I’ve never thought that women could be the specific target market. During the visit, we shared a lot with the founder, including what I know about how it is going in Indonesia. Emerging business model which is still struggling to survive, and so does in Australia. But owh, really… the idea has attracted me. Women have special needs and concerns. In SASS, they even provide child care and space for breast feeding so that women who have kids or in pregnancy could feel accommodated. Women should support other women. And by that, their husbands (&/families) are also feel safer, because they know that their partners are working in a “less man” area :B

Women who are renting spaces here come from various industries. Then I wonder.. how if we adopt it in Indonesia? Who’s with me? 😀 (spoiler: some of institutions in Australia interested to be the donor)


the child-care space in the 1st level


space in level 2


glance of the main place


one of the dedicated rooms

A women only co-working space. What an exciting idea. But along the process, I become consider about the current situation. There is also a chance to implement the gender perspective in the existing co-working spaces. Instead of making a new one, we can also persuade private sectors who already run the (mix) co-working spaces to make their spaces women friendly. This is in their own business interest as with the increasing number of women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, such spaces can become more profitable.

To point this objective, my group, made a recommendation to The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection in Indonesia. They can play a vital role in establishing guidelines for the private sectors on what constitutes a women friendly work space. And actually they can also help the women entrepreneurs through their channels for funding, marketing, and other supports. What do you think? 😀

Whuff! There are still visits I want to share. But I think it is enough for this time. I will continue with the next posts. But before I end up this part, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Any ideas and advises are appreciated :*


Who wish  you for always having a great day,


Hani Rosidaini



Lets Talk About Power & Electricity! :D

quote-all-power-corrupts-but-we-need-the-electricity-anonymous-287909 Hi, Hani is back! *grinning*

So much stories, so little time. I really wish I could have all the time in the world, (and the good mood for writing as well, lol). Fyi, I do even have several blogs for different purposes, but none of them is updated in recent months. *grinning wider*

As a person who really love to share stories, everytime I meet or have a good conversation with people and get something new from them, I always become very excited to reshare it with others. Usually they were my family or close friends, but sometimes I find no one fits into my stories, then I choose to write it on my blog, expect nothing but to deliver my excitement, besides as a reminder for myself in the future. Well, just like now. My hands soo itchy already to grab my laptop and start writing. But you know what? It’s not always that easy to jot down in words, it like a hard nut to crack. But.. instead of posting nothing, I found a better idea; How if I just post the chat here? Ha ha ha.. I dont have to edit, so that you can read the whole things that we discussed about. Clever, eh? ;)) (not sure if it’s clever or lazy)

This time I was talking about electrical generator, hydro power, and solar pv system with a buddy (hello,, Mr. Ryan Triadhitama :p). He’s a power engineer who just resigned from Toshiba Japan after worked there for about 3.5 years. He just come home for good, prepare his study to pursue the master degree in the UK, focused on… future power network? smart grid? smart power generation? yea, kind of that sort ^^ I need his insights for my upcoming projects, so here are our chats…

1h   2

Need translation? Please do wait until tomorrow, xixixi

Then ha! I remembered I ever read about that enefarm: The advertisement had started from 2008. The cost is quite high, but he told that the outcome is also the same, unstable. Nya nyaa X3

3 4 5

And about solar pv system: (already in English)

6 7 8u

9 10j 11

12 13 14

Urghhh.. I’m suddenly covered with the glorious of curiousity. I really want to learn how those all work X)) And since I got a business partner who also associated with Japan company, actually it should be delicate, ehe ehe ehe.. Japan wish to have role model in here, in Indonesia, and by that, we also can learn from them and make the improvement after all. Hope anything goes well~


schematic diagram for pv in house, the electricity incl. for sale


not for sale, but we need the battery

So, any of you who also interested in this subject? Lets discuss more! I also want to hear your stories 😀 And for aa Ryan, mmm… wish you nothing but good luck for anything you planned. Please surprise us, just like the electromagnetic shockwave. *droll*

Bandung, H+4 Iedl Fitr

under the blanket, dealing with my fever

PS: I made this writing to encourage you, who has greater things worth to share, but never eager to write. There’s no better time to start than today. And while blogging is a challenge that I believe fits into me at this exact moment in time, you may find greater opportunity in sharing to sophisticated audiences. But either way, I’d love to have you join me in some ways v(^^)



I’m kind of that girl, who has her father as her no.1 man on this planet. Eventho we rarely talking, because we’r also not that so expressive to state our feelings. He often keep silent, yet I know he’s always watching me. Never force something, coz he knows that I’ll always have my own expectation. Mother phoned me, but I know it was my father who really wanna do it and asked her to do so. He’s the one who would be happier when I’m happy, and feel broken when I’m sad.

This Ramadhan bring those memories.. when he carried me on his back while going home from the mosque after itikaf. What old times.

Nothing as big as my love for you, dad. All i wanna do is just to make you feel proud of me. 💞❤️💖 #FeelingEmosyenel




I can’t stop telling people that I love my dad so much. But weirdo, I can’t tell him directly so often instead. Maybe you r also aware when you see my this blog’s title: Daddy’s Little Warrior. I dedicated to him. Well.. since I was a kid I realize that I wasn’t born as a princess, and my parents never raised me to be one tho. Instead, they raised me to be “a warrior”, a person who can survive in any conditions of life, and I’m thankful for that.

If only you know my father very well, we are so much alike, maybe not apparent physically, but in basic character and attitudes (unfortunately including all the bad habits). I always see him as a mirror, I see myself in him, and his in me, even for little things. When I confused analyzing myself, I usually end up by finding the answer in him, I almost always act, react, and think exactly like him. I’m just his another version. I know how he works so hard for his family and never complain to surrender his life for his loved ones. So this time, all I can say is.. “so will I, dad”. I’ll be ashamed if I give up on life just by remember you. Even when every thing seems bleeding and depressing. I promise that I will always be.. your little warrior. *cross finger* #KeepSurvivingForDad #ThugLife