Hani Rosidaini started running her own business at the very young age and has been nominated as one of the top ten women entrepreneurs in Indonesia by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection in IWC 2013. She has experience in designing and developing projects on youth entrepreneurship, tech-startup, and creative industries. She combines her background in engineering, a passion for science and technology, with the social and business knowledge, to implement sustainable systems. Her latest entrepreneurial venture smart home development, women economybusiness incubation, investment and strategic consultation. In the venture she is partnering with enterprises in Indonesia, Japan, and Australia. Hani is also active in encouraging youth to raise readership and literacy level and engage with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). A keen blogger, she has co-authored a book The Hearts of Volunteers and was nominated as one of Indonesia’s delegates to the APEC WEF (Women and The Economy Forum) 2013 and as an ambassador for Inspera (Inspirasi Perempuan Indonesia = Indonesian Woman Inspiration) by a leading telecommunication provider in Indonesia.




(Disclosure: this is a bio revised by my mentor to be published in Flinders University. Still have no time to make a new one XB)

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