A Coming Venture Capital for Social Entreprises From Indonesia


Holla! An info again 😀

Me & Ngadu Ide team just get introduced to Timothy Francis by mas @DondiHananto n do some discussion. Tim is a representative of Village Capital (www.vilcap.com), a non-profit organization that based in New York, n he’s on mission here to be sure.

In brief, they intend to provide a venture capital for some social entreprises in Indonesia (yes, only the social one). The program itself is already run for several years and applied in several countries (you can check http://www.vilcap.com and see the winners profile there as reference). Anyway, I guess i dont have to mention any kinds of business that categorized as social entreprise here, since that term is also not clearly defined in this country. But the point is; a business that empower people and has social impact to the community.

Unfortunately, if what you have is only an idea, u’r not eligible to join, coz they require business that already run, has a revenue, n handled full time. But in contrary, if u hv anything that they need to see, it will be a good chance for u, coz they will select 15 teams all over Indonesia, get them all to the business incubator for 3-5 months, and the 2 winning teams will given funding until US$ 50,000 each.

Well, I cant directly tell u when this program will be started, coz Tim is still also look for some insights about our potentials in this field. But if u feel interested, u can ask me his email or skype and contact him directly to ask any questions about it (and he’s single btw).

Hmmm.. i think thats it for today. Its a quite exhausting day, and i’m not really please to see October to go too soon. And eventhough we’re not celebrate today, but since Tim has forced me to remember what day it is, so… Happy Halloween, people!