The Science of Luck – Bong Chandra


Ok. I have to admit that this book is beyond my expectation. Quite good, because aint only based on theory, but he also relate it with his experience when facing the real condition. I like the part when he was doing a calculation of “unnecessary things”, but it could make us think more. For example, how many time wasted of doing this and that, a big amount if we use to do other things. He also sum up the effectivity of using English instead of bahasa, regards to the less time that we need to pronounce it, that if we do it for a long time, how many persons whom we can approach, either for business or anything. Like the other motivational books, it explain a lot about perspective and how to synchronize thought, body, and attitude. But off course, in this book Bong also promotes his seminars, business, and any classes that he provides. I cant imagine that he’s just a bit older than me. *sigh