We Need You, Indonesians!

Holla! How are you, people? Hope you’re doin great, not just like mine. I got sick for several days. Doctor said that I have a typhus symptom and sore in gastricular. I got disgrasp in middle part of lower chest (I dont know what it was), fever, migraine, droppy eyes, and anything ’til bed suddenly change into my only place. I have to consume teens pills a day, that my pharmacist friend worried about if its over medication, but fortunately I’m getting better now and suppa excited to get healthy very very soon.
Actually I want to tell you about my process of being sick, so you can prevent yourself to experience the same, but I think its not the point of this post, while you might also get bored to death to hear it, haha.. So I want to share something more important, one of things that I have to leave a while coz the medicines effect has forced me to dilly dallying over all night and day. And hopefully this post could redeem my guilt a bit to team for being away this time v^_^

Hey, why you all give me tiny bitty acnes on my face, eh? Haha.. Come to mama~


As I said in the interview with lagingapa.in here, I’m currently involved in a movement called #GSDB (Gerakan Sejuta Data Budaya) or “One Million of Cultural Data Movement”. Some of you might have heard it, and some have not, coz actually its not really something new and just builded. It has been running for several years, but moved slowly while we need to make it huge! Yes, people. Yes, you’re right! It’s all about collecting database of our culture from west to east and make it integrated in a digital libary (check http://www.budaya-indonesia.org for first step).

Hey! Did you mad when our heritages claimed by another country? Have you heard about how many cultures are stolen? Have you ever imagined how much money we could earn based on this sector? In harsh counting, it could even raise our GDP into IDR 300 trillion $__$ *sounds of Bingo machine flowing money continuously*


Akh! It must be very excruciating.
God is already so gracious to bestow us so many unspeakable and breathtaking things but they’re ignored. In fact, claiming needs documentation, and we lose here. Moreover, documentation aint only useful for preservation and to be memorabilia in today’s generation, but also for innovative science research in the future, and again, has potential to strengthen our economy *drolling over the number again*

So, what can you do?

First of all, we’re not ignore the government, but we’re helping them. Our result will also be presented to them and registered to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).
And just like GNFI, I also have good news for you, Indonesia! Everyone’s invited, everyone’s allowed to join. We need you to escalate our movement, we need you so bad, coz we’re only strong when we collaborate. *whistle*
You may help by submit data on our web (take it fun & there are also rewards for people whose meaningful contribution), download our ‘infobudaya’ apps in your Apple, Android, or Blackberry (its worth the time), simply share about this to your friends (trust me, a little support from you is worth million), or tadaaa… recruitment has opened for you who want to take the bigger chance:


Designed by Vande Leonardo

Do you have to become really into culture? Well, well, well,, off course it would be awesome if you do. But if that what you have in mind, I have to say no, you dont. Me myself even aint an artist, dancer, researcher, or anything, but i do CARE, and thats above all. Or you can find your own motive; curiousity, study, experience, networking, self exploration, national pride, you name it.
And as a hint, if you choose the creative team, you may be join on one division with me, hehe.. You’ll be freed to play around with your mind, pop out ideas & thoughts, and we’ll work on the plans into something real. You may create creative campaign, fun publication, maybe by using meme, poster, trips, expeditions, quizzes, or anything, coz being creative is about doing something with style!


And about other people on team? Owh.. I definitely say that I cant expect more. They are respectable people which their spirit seems to contagious. We got Prof.Hokky Situngkir (professor, since he has published 14 international scientific journals o.O) and his pals from Bandung Fe Institute who initiated this action, kang Goris Mustaqim (i cant understand more about this people’s spirit, keep contributing to society even when still in mourn and great grief, suffering a big loss of his father death, while also waiting for his first baby birth), Bang Indra, my favourite man from Bandung Digital Valley, Kang Ajun, our promising developer and Jokowi’s darling (hehe..), Erlan from IACT, and many more… Watta very berry loyal people with determination and integration. I’m ashamed if I’m not help much (yet).


After presentation about #GSDB to Mr.Indra Utoyo as a Director of Innovation & Strategic Portfolio of Telkom. Left to right: Bang Rolan Dahlan, Dadan, me, Mr.IU, and Bang Indra


As addition, you can read a chirpstory from Kang Goris here, or watch this video:

So? I’ll stop my blah blah blah and now leave the ball to you. If it is the opening of a story, I believe that the rest is gonna be marvelous and mesmerizing, but only, if only, you’re on our side, all Indonesians.


by Kang Kidir

PS: When this post is published, I heard that Kang Goris’s baby has born. A girl! So, congratulation to you and Teteh Paramitha, I cant wait to see your beatiful lil princess ❤ And for everyone out there, please take care of your body when Mr. Weatherman is very uncertain. Now I have to take my medicine again and must be sleepy in an instant after that. Zzzzz….