One Thing At A Time, Data Mining, and Kindle


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Guess what? I’m currently in the middle of my reading and choose to take a break just to write this post. I’m reading Data Mining – Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques (some people recommended this one, so I give it a try), written by the practitioners of WEKA, one of the¬†powerful softwares to mine data, and I expect this book is really practical just like mentioned in its title. I spent several hours to reach half of this book (around 250 pages) and I think it’s pretty fast, because I was not skimming, but really reading it comprehensively. Why so? How could I do that?

Recently, I’m practicing to apply a method, that may be very common to all of you, but not everyone doing it: “One Thing At A Time” method. Started when a friend of mine telling me something about healthy eating behavior. She said that, if we have to choose between bathing and eating, what should be done first, it’s better for us to do bathing first and eating afterward. Why? Because when doing food digestion, our body needs to focus and not distracted by any other activities. She even said that, bad digestion can produce toxic. So when we eat, it’s not recommended to double the job by reading books, watching movies, checking social medias, stalking your ex-es, or so on. And I think it’s also relevant generally. People nowadays are crazily obsessed by multi-tasking, like we have to accomplish so many things at a time. The question is: is it really work? I personally think that it is a toxic (at least for me). Instead of being a benefit, it usually becomes a threat. When we’re doing jobs and keep moving from one to another, most likely we end up by not finishing them all well. Or worse, none of them is finished. Well, some people might say that they can deal with that, but me, even without distraction, my mind is often branched far off the topic, so it’s best to get rid of all unrelated stuff. And to make it more powerful, I even wrote the sentence in a big sheet of paper and put it on my wall: ONE THING AT A TIME. Whuff~

So, done with the method and back to the book. I finally chose to take a break because after finish half of it, I found that this book is veryyyyyyy…….. useless ūüėź (I give the link below this post if you want to download the PDF and read it too). The authors waste my time by babbling about data mining application in different industries until page 90, which not necessary needed. And when they move into technical chapters, I found them not easy to understand, unless data mining is already in you (with that advanced statistics, complicated formula, and well programming skills), and you just read this book as a supplement. So, I think I will shift to another book: Mining of Massive Datasets, and decide whether this one is better or judge that these books are typical.


Lets see…


Talking about books, usually in weekdays I spend 1-2 hours for reading. But in the¬†weekend like this, I can spend so many hours only for consuming words and extracting information from books, and now I’m starting to worry. Not because of the reading, but the medium. You know, of course I do love physical books. But since my reading is dominated by English books (which are not cheap to collect them all physically, and not all of them are provided in near places either), my books now are mostly in digital form, and I read them all through gadgets. We can imagine, even without reading books on a¬†laptop, I spend my time staring at the screen for so long, for improving skills, coding, doing tasks, emailing, and other activities. And when I want to relax and doing what I love, which is reading, I still have to torture my eyes with shiny lights from LCD? Oh My….

So now I’m seriously considering about using Kindle. But because it is not officially sold in Indonesia, perhaps I have to find a way how to get it. Well, surely those local marketplaces are selling it, but, are there some issues to be concerned about? Or is it just okay to buy from the local seller with a¬†higher price? Will there be any trouble with US credit card payment? Oh, please, for any of you who have experience, do share with me, I will be¬†very appreciate it. Meanwhile, I’ll be using this laptop or smartphone and aching in tears when it takes too long. Huhuhu…


Craving for thisss!



In the mid-day, when all my eyes want to see are green leafs and prairie,

hope that I will never have to use reading glasses in my whole life



Download PDF:

Data Mining: Practical Machine Learning Tools and Techniques – Ian H. Witten & Eibe Frank

Mining of Massive Datasets – Anand Rajaraman & Jeffrey David Ullman