A Gift

Why in life you can’t choose your family?

Because they actually are a gift.

Sometimes in my hard times I didn’t even expect anyone could give hands and help me. But once family know, they always try and find a way to ease the burden. Then I just hope that I will never take them for granted anymore.

A Year-End Note: About Living


My midnight doodle long long time ago. But still relevant to depict my wired brain.


I start writing this exactly in the new year eve, with firework explosions as the back sound and friends around me. Still don’t know what to write, yet I want to jot down something to remark tonight. I still don’t get why people outside love to celebrate new year, beside we have to change the almanac and the way we mention the date we live in. Many movies must being screened on TV now, and many festive moments people are sharing on social media. But me, I have nothing special in these minutes toward year-end.

So let me do reveal one thing for you;
Perhaps I’m still the same me, like I used to, like I always am. Oftentimes I think that I’m kinda person who live with “Peter Pan syndrome” (I name it myself) in life, like a kid who never wanna grow up, and just wanna stuck in a certain of age. Maybe that what makes me not so excited about welcoming new year, and feel bitter instead. For me, get older means enter life with more demands, and I’m not really okay with that.

But I want to understand people. Maybe they feel joy for their new hopes of their plans, or simply for the free fireworks show and public entertainments. There must be some days we can treat differently anyway. Otherwise, human just live in the same boring days over and over again.

Fortunately, I leave 2016 with not so desperately. At least, there are still remarkable things happened throughout the year: I won competition, traveled, did business trip abroad, and got a scholarship in a cool university. Even though if we look deeper, those things were all unexpected, or were not something I planned for. In contrary, for the things that I’ve planned, I got so different results. I’ve been facing uncountable problems in business, academic matter, basic habits, and personal life. And most of them got me frustrated, even until now. Coz even when you have only good deeds on people, conflicts are somehow inevitable. And yea, I’m still single (if you do care). Some men indeed approach me, but just like in a drama, I always fall to someone that I can’t have. I remember at the last time my heart was broken (not long ago), I ever asked a friend, ” Am I not good enough?”.. and my friend answered, “No, Hani. It’s not about being bad or good enough. It’s about compatibility. If he cant accept you, it simply because he doesn’t think that you’re compatible for him”. And that made any sense. But ahh.. lets get rid of this topic. I can never do anything about it, so helpless. Just promise me you will pray for me, okay? To find someone “compatible”? Meanwhile, I’ll be just dating books, as usual (MY SAVIOR!!)

However in the end, I know that there are still things to be grateful for, especially related to family. I still have my supportive parents and that’s even more than just “something”. If they’re still fine, then I should be just fine, others can follow. For many times I’m not really conscious of what I’m feeling and what I’m really worrying. Single thing I know is, I’m still living.


While trying to regain my focus,

In the place where I always spend NYE since years ago….. a mosque