Some of My Biz Field Visits in Adelaide and What We Can Learn From Them (Part I)

Okay. Some of you might have known that I got a fellowship from the Australian government in Flinders University, but probably wonder what exactly it is and how the program runs. Well… actually it all depends on its subject. And since my subjects are about business and social studies which are based in a university, so that the learning delivered through the combination of variety of guest lectures, intensive trainings, and field visits, academical and practical knowledge abridge, in order to have strong fundamental theoritically, yet we can implement them in effective ways.

Lecturing, training, field visit. Which one is my favorite? Oh yeah, definitely the outside class sessions!! Ehehe… We visited many respectable government offices and enterprises, but because I tend to always bring my business head, I want to share about the business side and parts that I think are interesting for me personally, my business, and my lovely hometown, Bandung =)

Because there are too many, I will divide the summary into several parts. And these are the first ones:

1. Adelaide City Council


Located in the heart of the city, it’s very close to my apartment, and I always passed the office every time I go to Rundle Mall from Flinders Campus xD From my first weeks in Adelaide, I was amazed with their initiatives. You can find brochures about the City Council Programs in many places, including campuses, city library, etc. They run soo many programs, yet some of which attracted me are:

a. Digital Hub

Not everyone can operate a Macbook. Not everyone can optimize Windows either. Not everyone even knows how to use the e-library. Digital skill is one of the 21st century “must have” skills (I think). But even in Australia, there are still many people who do not acknowledged yet about how to use those electronics (and of course, especially aged people). For the younger generation, the level may be different. More advanced, perhaps. (Hey, look at me.. sometimes I’m also still face trouble with the Mac OS, zzz :|)

The point is… along the technology improvement, our people are also always need to be updated.. rite? And how the Adelaide Digital Hub do that?

They provide a free training for specified subjects, even one-on-one training with a trainer. And how did they get the trainers? They hire and open for volunteers (there are benefits for those who applied). Australian citizenship is not compulsory. Anyone can get involved, anyone can learn together. And they even eager to know what kind of training that we currently need. Remember… investing in people is investing in long-term business, too.

Bandung? I’m sure we can do this!

b. Adelaide Business Start-Up Grants


meeting with some stakeholders in Tonsley

You know, I can feel that the City Council is really encouraging for people setting up a business in this city. And for this year, they run this grant program. If I want to open my business in Adelaide, they can grant me up to $30,000 and use the under-utilized public building here. Surely it has terms and conditions. That number may only cover no more than 50% of the total cost, and there are common rules that we have to follow. But hey, it’s tempting, isn’t it? And it can also help them to grow a sustainable economy and optimize the unused land.

One of my Indonesian fellows, mba Rizna, the owner of @bakpiapia from Yogyakarta has applied for this grant, had a meeting with their representative, and I really hope everything goes well, so we can observe more about the opportunity provided. The City Council told her that if this program succeeds, they plan to make it an annual program, yeay! \o/

For Bandung? Our mayor has launched the “Kredit Melati” for the SMEs. It is also a good sign of his will. Just hope it will persist and grow to help our society starting up a business.

And hey hey hey, wait! I just remember that we also have that “Little Bandung” store program. How about to make it in Adelaide? I guess I should talk with kang Emil after this. G to G must be a lot easier (?), moreover for this good partnership. Another “Little Bandung” store in South Australia, how cool is that? 😀

c. Sustainable City Incentives Scheme

IMG_1613 (111)

Solar PV is everywhere >,<

This one is what I’m really craving for, aaaakkk…!! ~~\o/ The City Council is really aware of environmental issues. They provide funding for residents, business, schools, community, and organizations that want to help to reduce carbon emission, conserve energy, water, and natural resources! D*mn cool!!

The incentives scheme can provide up to $5,000 for us installing solar PV, or energy storage, electric vehicle charging controller, building energy efficiency upgrade, changing out quartz halogen to LED, solar hot water system, rain water tanks, etc. THAT-JUST-COOL!

I’m not sure if it is possible to be implemented in Bandung, or even in any city in Indonesia. But yea… we can learn from this :’)

People-Planet-Profit. That’s all connected to make sustainable system.

d. The City Adelaide Prize


around the city, we can see many design installations side by side with the heritage buildings

The Adelaide City Prize is an annual prize to encourage people to propose and nominate projects that activate and enliven the city. The projects can be of any scale and may include buildings, public art installations, landscape works and temporary contributions to public space that actively engage the community and enhance the city’s public spaces.

I think the keywords are “brainstorm ideas for urban design”. And Bandung? With our mayor who comes from architectural engineering background? It is more than just possible! X) We had this in the latest “Babakan Siliwangi Design Prize”. And maybe  we can develop more in wider cover range ^_^

The more livable a city, the more dynamic the sectors within.


Whuff! Even only from the City Council, I already write this long >,< Okay.. just 2 more for the rest of this part…


2. City of Prospect


the bus that pick us up to the City of Prospect library

In brief, my first impression of this is… it’s like BCCF! (Bandung Creative City Forum), even though it’s not really similar. The City Prospect has established more than one century! It is also area based. There are some acres allocated to be part of the community. They build their own infrastructure, and the development covers several aspects of economy, technology, and social. The similarity comes from the idea that they help the local government to achieve their missions, related to city improvement, people involvement, (hobby based) community engagement, kind of that sort. Then I think, aha! We already have this. And I feel more grateful because in Bandung, we have a potential strength that not all cities in the world have; we are dominated by youth &/ productive-aged people. (And fyi, our population is twice as many as in Adelaide).

Collaborations across sectors are opened widely. And in Bandung, we are… people who love to collaborate =)


City of Prospect Digital Hub. Interestingly, the word “PROSPECT” is ended by “CT”


with Matt Grant, the director of business and economic development of City of Prospect, who said that he has visited some co-working spaces in Bandung and met Yohan Totting, one friend of mine, too (Uwh yeah Yohan, who doesn’t know you? :)))


3. SASS Place


Carly, the founding director

I have ever mentioned it in my Facebook post, but I want to re-write about this place. This is a co-working space which also became my exploration in making paper/policy brief in Flinders University, one that I presented in the symposium, observe the possibility how if we adopt the concept for women in SMMEs in Indonesia, to optimize their contribution in the country’s economy.

For those who not yet have an idea what kind of place it is, here is my brief explanation: SASS Place is a co-working space located in the city of Adelaide, with their tagline; A Hub For Female Change Makers. Sooo interesting! Why? In fact, I’m also interested in making a co-working space, but I’ve never thought that women could be the specific target market. During the visit, we shared a lot with the founder, including what I know about how it is going in Indonesia. Emerging business model which is still struggling to survive, and so does in Australia. But owh, really… the idea has attracted me. Women have special needs and concerns. In SASS, they even provide child care and space for breast feeding so that women who have kids or in pregnancy could feel accommodated. Women should support other women. And by that, their husbands (&/families) are also feel safer, because they know that their partners are working in a “less man” area :B

Women who are renting spaces here come from various industries. Then I wonder.. how if we adopt it in Indonesia? Who’s with me? 😀 (spoiler: some of institutions in Australia interested to be the donor)


the child-care space in the 1st level


space in level 2


glance of the main place


one of the dedicated rooms

A women only co-working space. What an exciting idea. But along the process, I become consider about the current situation. There is also a chance to implement the gender perspective in the existing co-working spaces. Instead of making a new one, we can also persuade private sectors who already run the (mix) co-working spaces to make their spaces women friendly. This is in their own business interest as with the increasing number of women entrepreneurs in Indonesia, such spaces can become more profitable.

To point this objective, my group, made a recommendation to The Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection in Indonesia. They can play a vital role in establishing guidelines for the private sectors on what constitutes a women friendly work space. And actually they can also help the women entrepreneurs through their channels for funding, marketing, and other supports. What do you think? 😀

Whuff! There are still visits I want to share. But I think it is enough for this time. I will continue with the next posts. But before I end up this part, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Any ideas and advises are appreciated :*


Who wish  you for always having a great day,


Hani Rosidaini



Australia Journey: The Beginning


yang lain naik Singapore Airlines, aku Qantas.. rapopo

Awal tulisan ini dibuat di atas pesawat, dalam 7 jam perjalanan dari bandara Soekarno-Hatta menuju Sydney, sebelum nanti terbang lagi 2 jam ke Adelaide, ibu kota dari state Australia Selatan (*). Durasi yang cukup lama akhirnya maksa Hani untuk bisa diem, sejenak istirahatin badan, dan lepasin pikiran dari riuh kehidupan. Ternyata baru berasa badan capeeek banget, whuff~ Sekian hari terakhir bolak/ik ke luar kota, aktifitas full, banyak pikiran, packing ekspress, sampe akhirnya ternyata tetep berangkat, rasanya… campur aduk gak keruan.

Sejatinya ada 9 orang Indonesia yang harus terbang. Tapi 8 orang lain sudah tiba di Ostrali satu minggu yang lalu. Hani terpaksa mohon penundaan karena masih banyak yang belum bisa ditinggal di Indonesia. Maka dibanding mereka yang berangkat rombongan, Hani harus pergi sendirian.
Lalu untuk apa kami ke Ostrali? Mungkin dapet jawabannya bisa sambil nemenin Hani disini, flashback, kontemplasi sambil berbagi.. boleh?
Intinya ini adalah dalam rangka program beasiswa non-degree dari Australia Award untuk belajar di Flinders University dengan subjek Women’s Leadership in Business and Economic Growth, masih di bawah fakultas International Studies.  Untuk Hani sendiri bisa dibilang ini beasiswa yang “dapet tanpa bener-bener apply”, karena tetiba ditawari, dan untuk beasiswa kategori ini, memang sistem rekrutnya adalah berdasarkan rekomendasi, dari partner-partner-nya Flinders, atau DFAT (bagian dari pemerintah Australia) selaku pemilik dana. Banyak nama yang diajukan, lalu penyaringan dilakukan oleh DFAT, dibantu oleh para partner tadi. Dalam kasus Hani, yang merekomendasikan adalah KPPA (Kementrian Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak) Indonesia. Kenapa bisa diajukan? Nanti coba sambil flashback sebenernya apa yang bawa Hani kemari. Tapi yang jelas, jadi durasi programnya memang beberapa bulan, dan tapi juga walaupun non-degree, kami tetap dapat kredit dari universitas, sekitar 4,5 kredit, atau bisa potong 25% dari total SKS jika kami mau melanjutkan studi di Flinders di jurusan yang masih linier.

Australia is waiting

9 orang dari kami ini dapat rekomendasi dengan cara yang berbeda-beda. Untuk Hani sendiri, kalo ditarik benang, mungkin awalnya adalah sejak menang Top 10 di Indonesia Womenpreneur, yang kebetulan didukung KPPA, diselenggarakan oleh INDOSAT dan Sejak saat itu memang jadi ngasih domino effect. Tiba-tiba dikirim jadi delegasi APEC WEF (Women And The Economy Forum) 2013, berangkat dengan rombongan bu menteri (yang pada saat itu masih Ibu Linda Gumelar), dirut INDOSAT Pak Alexander Rusli, dll, yang mana disana kami bertemu para pemimpin dunia, terutamanya yang perempuan, para pembawa perubahan dari tingkat regional hingga internasional, sambil juga bertemu pimpinan Oreedo, perusahaan induk INDOSAT di Qataar. Hani jadi yang paling muda saat itu. Lalu kemudian oleh Pak Alex dijadikan duta Indosat Inspera (Inspirasi Perempuan Indonesia), selain diundang juga untuk afternoon tea dengan Kimora Lee (former American super model) di Nusa Dua, sembari jadi tamu acara berbagi dengan para pengusaha wanita di Bali, dan masih banyak lagi. Namun diantara semua, terutamanya adalah sejak saat itu nama kami jadi ada di record mereka. Maka pada saat ada tawaran datang, jadi ikut direkomendasikan, dan saat itu Hani hanya diminta isi data diri, membuat resume, dan jawab beberapa pertanyaan yang Australia Award ajukan. So, kedengerannya agak effortless ya? Well… mungkin juga. Tapi mungkin juga proses menuju titik itu-nya yang justru lebih nguras effort =]



Kembali lagi tentang beasiswanya, ada beberapa keuntungan dari AAS (Australia Award Scholarship) yang jenis ini. Di luar sistem penyaringannya, selain sudah mencakup segala biaya, pendidikan dan transport, beasiswa ini tidak meminta sertifikat kemampuan bahasa Inggris. Jadi untuk Hani yang IELTS-nya sudah expired, gak perlu ambil tes lagi. Pengurusan student visa pun bisa dibantu. Bahkan kalo mereka sudah turun tangan, dalam hitungan jam saja bisa langsung jadi, hehe…. (baca cerita disini). Bahkan visa-nya pun asik, diperbolehkan kerja sekian jam per minggu, dan jika sudah menikah, sebenarnya boleh bawa pasangan atau dependant child <18 tahun. Selain itu, mungkin karena sebenarnya target fellow-nya adalah professional, fasilitas yang diberikan pun cukup istimewa. Akomodasi kami (berdasar laporan dari yang sampai duluan) sudah disediakan di apartemen bintang 4.5 di pusat kota, dan uang jajan pun lumayan ($75/hari jika harus disebut).
Nah, apa tadi Hani sudah menyebut professional? Betul. Jadi, ternyata, disana Hani bakal jadi yang paling muda lagi. Jadi anak bocah di tengah ibu-ibu. Sungguh. Status fellow yang lain, semuanya sudah menikah, dan usianya pun paling muda sudah kepala 3, beberapa kepala 4, dan ada yang kepala 5, sebaya dengan ibu dan bapak di rumah. Hani satu-satunya yang lebih seumur dengan anak-anak mereka. Tapiii.. CV mereka memang luar biasa. Ada dua orang yang memang staf kementrian, ada direktur NGO nasional yang juga mengajar di UI untuk gender study, ada pengusaha yang sudah mengglobal, dan perempuan-perempuan hebat lainnya. Ini wajah-wajah mereka:

minggu pertama = akhir musim dingin, si Ucil Hani belum datang

Yah.. jadi begitulah…

Walaupun beasiswa ini agak berbeda, tapi mungkin ada beberapa hal yang bisa diambil pelajaran secara general:
1. Track record. 
Raih prestasi sebanyak-banyaknya, belajar banyak hal, karena semua akan berguna pada saatnya.
2. Social Position.
Entah itu jadi pemimpin perusahaan, ketua lembaga, pembuat kebijakan, atau terlibat di organisasi. Yang jelas, kriteria ini berguna untuk membantu meyakinkan bahwa, pada saat si penerima beasiswa teredukasi, tidak hanya akan dia sendiri yang mendapatkan manfaatnya, tapi juga lingkungannya bisa ikut terpengaruh dan merasakan dampak. (Saat membuat resume, Hani menulis, selain sedang berusaha menjadi wirausahawati yang baik, belajar meramu kebijakan untuk tim kerja, juga terlibat aktif mengelola komunitas bisnis, untuk terutama memberdayakan para pengusaha muda, dan di waktu luang juga menulis untuk berbagi segala hal yang sekiranya bermanfaat untuk diketahui orang lain).
3. Berdoa.
Ini agak cerita pribadi. Tapi setelah dirinci, ternyata ada beberapa hal di dua tahun belakangan ini, itu adalah hal-hal yang pernah Hani semogakan entah berapa tahun silam, yang mungkin terlupa tapi tiba-tiba kejadian. Salah satunya sekolah di Ostrali. Rasanya Hani pernah punya keinginan ini saat masih SMP atau SMA. Gak pernah kepikiran lagi, tapi tiba-tiba aja tanpa persiapan, langsung disuruh beneran pergi sekolah (walaupun konteksnya memang agak beda). Tapi sungguh, jadi, tetaplah berdoa, dan menyemogakan apa yang kalian mau. Karena kita gak akan pernah tau kapan Allah mengiyakan doa kita ^^
4. Berani melangkah
Kalo waktu itu Hani gak ikut si Indonesia Womenpreneur, mungkin Hani gak akan disini. Padahal waktu itu juga banyak ragunya, ngerasa masih gak siap, bingung juga mesti ikut karantina. Tapi memang mindset adalah yang paling berpengaruh. Hani selalu mikir, “di dunia ini gak ada yang gak bisa dipelajari. Just take a step and promise that you’ll always improve by always learning along the way”. Tiap berani buka pintu, pasti nanti akan buka pintu-pintu yang lain. Yang pasti, kalo gak berani melangkah, ya jelas kita gak akan kemana-mana. Ke Adelaide pun sebenarnya banyak ragunya. Kenapa harus Adelaide? Kenapa gak Melbourne? Sydney? Kenapa harus beberapa bulan? Semua urusan di Indonesia gimana? Terlalu banyak yang harus ditinggal dan dikorbankan. Tapi ya itu, berani melangkah. Karena setelah ini, Hani yakin dia akan bawa Hani ke pintu yang lain lagi.

nulis sambil ngamatin progress pesawat

Fyuh… panjang juga ya blog kali ini. Padahal masih ada yang ingin Hani sampaikan. Yaitu izinkan Hani untuk berterima kasih banyak (selain untuk Australia Award), juga untuk orang tua, ibu sama bapak, yang gak pernah larang Hani untuk jalanin apapun yang Hani mau, udah minta nganterin ke bandara tadi walaupun sebenarnya Hani gak pengen ngerepotin kalian. Untuk Pak Maftuh dari KPPA, yang hingga detik ini belum pernah ketemu sama sekali (karena pre-departure workshop-nya pun di-cancel), tapi udah bantu banyaaak banget selama proses administrasi, banyak sekali direpotkan, tapi Pak Maftuh sabar dan sampe akhirnya tetap bisa on track. Luar biasa. Untuk tim, Rizky Irawan, Aldy Manggala, Prasetya Kharisma, maaf Hani mesti pergi dulu, berat rasanya, tapi kalian tetap berusaha ngasih support, makasih banyak, dan doain Hani. Juga untuk Ryan Triadhitama, makasi sempet dateng ke bandara, walaupun gak ketemu. Maaf jadi makin panjang. But I really want to thank them all. I dont wanna take them for granted. Those are mean a lot for me. Really. Thank you so much.

Dan atas semuanya, alhamdulillah, terima kasih. Teruntuk kalian, doakan Hani semoga semua berjalan baik ya.. Hani doakan juga kalian semua bisa semangat terus mencapai apa yang dicita-citakan. Amin.

dari ketinggian 180.000 kaki di atas permukaan laut,

dengan sisa energi terkuras, sepertinya harus segera tidur
(*) Saat tulisan ini dibuat, memang belum ada direct flight Jakarta – Adelaide, harus transit dulu minimal satu kali di kota lain, entah itu Singapore, Bali, Melbourne, Sydney, atau lainnya.
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