Do You Wanna Captured By International Photographer? B))

Hey, I have an info! :3


Hey, i hv an info! :3

I just hv a meetup with Francoise Huguier. She’s one of the most reputable photographers in France. She got a World Press Photo, worked as a mode photographer for Vogue Magazine & New York Times, and also did so many projects in almost all genres of photography while roaming around the world (u can visit for details).

Now she’s in Bandung and plan to make her personal project here, about… hijaber! Ha!! After discussion, i think its gonna be a vry fun project to capture portraits of our people wearing hijab, then make a serie of it. Sooo.. I wanna invite u all, anyone, to join with us, being the “model”, n feel the joy to collaborate with her. I need around 15-20 women aged 15-30 who are daily wear hijab n we’ll make a photoshoot in this weekend (2-3 Nov). The theme itself is “elegant”, doesnt mean so glamorous, but reflect the best of u in mode that comfort u as well 😀

If u feel interested, u can contact me n send a message on facebook, twitter (@haniwww), email (, or anything. Or if u think that ur fren/family will glad to know about it, just simply reshare, coz i’ll wait for ur response til the end of October.

To make it clear, we dont need “real model”, but ordinary women who simply want to contribute. Yea.. just like me. She told me that i’m also allowed to take poses if i want to. Haha.. But hey, chill, i’m still considering bout it since fashion is not sumtin i’m really fond of. But perhaps i’ll join with u at the day. So, see you soon! :*