Lets Talk About Power & Electricity! :D

quote-all-power-corrupts-but-we-need-the-electricity-anonymous-287909 Hi, Hani is back! *grinning*

So much stories, so little time. I really wish I could have all the time in the world, (and the good mood for writing as well, lol). Fyi, I do even have several blogs for different purposes, but none of them is updated in recent months. *grinning wider*

As a person who really love to share stories, everytime I meet or have a good conversation with people and get something new from them, I always become very excited to reshare it with others. Usually they were my family or close friends, but sometimes I find no one fits into my stories, then I choose to write it on my blog, expect nothing but to deliver my excitement, besides as a reminder for myself in the future. Well, just like now. My hands soo itchy already to grab my laptop and start writing. But you know what? It’s not always that easy to jot down in words, it like a hard nut to crack. But.. instead of posting nothing, I found a better idea; How if I just post the chat here? Ha ha ha.. I dont have to edit, so that you can read the whole things that we discussed about. Clever, eh? ;)) (not sure if it’s clever or lazy)

This time I was talking about electrical generator, hydro power, and solar pv system with a buddy (hello,, Mr. Ryan Triadhitama :p). He’s a power engineer who just resigned from Toshiba Japan after worked there for about 3.5 years. He just come home for good, prepare his study to pursue the master degree in the UK, focused on… future power network? smart grid? smart power generation? yea, kind of that sort ^^ I need his insights for my upcoming projects, so here are our chats…

1h   2

Need translation? Please do wait until tomorrow, xixixi

Then ha! I remembered I ever read about that enefarm: http://panasonic.co.jp/ap.FC/en_doc03_00.html The advertisement had started from 2008. The cost is quite high, but he told that the outcome is also the same, unstable. Nya nyaa X3

3 4 5

And about solar pv system: (already in English)

6 7 8u

9 10j 11

12 13 14

Urghhh.. I’m suddenly covered with the glorious of curiousity. I really want to learn how those all work X)) And since I got a business partner who also associated with Japan company, actually it should be delicate, ehe ehe ehe.. Japan wish to have role model in here, in Indonesia, and by that, we also can learn from them and make the improvement after all. Hope anything goes well~


schematic diagram for pv in house, the electricity incl. for sale


not for sale, but we need the battery

So, any of you who also interested in this subject? Lets discuss more! I also want to hear your stories 😀 And for aa Ryan, mmm… wish you nothing but good luck for anything you planned. Please surprise us, just like the electromagnetic shockwave. *droll*

Bandung, H+4 Iedl Fitr

under the blanket, dealing with my fever

PS: I made this writing to encourage you, who has greater things worth to share, but never eager to write. There’s no better time to start than today. And while blogging is a challenge that I believe fits into me at this exact moment in time, you may find greater opportunity in sharing to sophisticated audiences. But either way, I’d love to have you join me in some ways v(^^)