#BookReview The Ocean At The End Of The Lane: When An Adult Is Just A Grown-Up Kid


What impression do you get from the cover?

Yeay! A book for this month! (at the very verge of the month)

It’s so hard for finding reading time recently, so even finished reading the 180 pages short novel (not thick nor dense) feels like an accomplishment >,< #sad

Actually it was my first Neil Gaiman’s book, I’ve never read his work before. I think I heard his name quite a lot, but I didn’t sure what genre he usually write. So I didn’t expect much what the story would tells about.. fiction? mystery? drama? another world? or what? in the first chapters, I just let him surprise me…

But then I really surprised. The book was mix of them all, hahaha.. After read other people’s review, they just call it a “Gaiman’s genre”.

Opened with a middle-aged man (whose name is never mentioned – not even once) revisiting the place where he used to live with his parents and sister when he was seven. Then the place starts to bring back a strange sequence of memories as seen through the eyes of a young boy. So can u imagine? The narrator was the grown-up man, trying to tell haunting events through a kid’s perspective. Interesting.

Personally, besides the what-so-called fantasy part, it reminded me of things that children know and adults no longer understand and remember. We usually see things differently, so does how we do things. I remember when I was a kid, I confused seeing my mother and my sister crying.. I though that “hey, you’re adults.. you supposed to be mature enough to face anything in this world. You’re not me. I’m a kid, and only kids who allowed to whine and cry”. (but I didn’t say it directly to them, anyway). So many thoughts are changing.. but I always find that the way of thinking when we were kids are very exciting. I also can so relate with the boy character, the kid who lived in books more than he lived anywhere else. Even until now, I can say book is my sanctuary, the only place that can make me feel safe. People like us could drowned in the imaginary world, and even always observed surrounding and wondered how if the story that the book tell was really happened? Adults follow path, kids explore. And Im eager to capture all those states.

After all, I think it’s a kind of book that you have to read in one sitting. The creepy yet beautiful setting of Sussex, completed by British English that has specific sense of language, will bring you to your own exploration. And I guess I’ll be looking for another Gaiman’s after this.. Any idea?

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