Value of work. Make leader rethink.


So, I just watched a TEDx video and get some good insights from it. Seems like a simple ones yet quite sufficient to be awared and realized, especially if you’re a leader, either in work or community.

We usually think that our people work mostly for money, wage, or kind of that sort. That’s their main motivation or at least a thing that could move them to do something, the easiest way to order. Well.. that’s not incorrect. But from the experiment, the research, “meaning” also takes important role of their work.

Actually there are 6 things that mentioned here (as you can see above);

+ Meaning

+ Creation

+ Challenge

+ Ownership

+ Identity, and

+ Pride

You can give them money, but how about the quality? It was well explained by taking the IKEA assembling as an example. Or cake mixes. Once, there was product about cake mixes. You know, like an instant cake where you just need to pour it in, stir some water in it, put in the oven, and voila! You have a cake. But when you’ve done that, if you offer it to (maybe) your guest, you might not say “hey, here is my cake”, because you feel somebody out there has done this part. There was no big effort involved, it didnt really feel like your own, people lose meanings. So what did the company do? they took the egg and the milk out of the powder, let people do the more process themselves. Now it has become more difficult, but people love them, it feels fine. That’s about challenge and pride, meaning and ownership. Interesting, eh? While giving difficulties to others aint making them miserable but giving a value instead.

Besides, dont forget to also respect of our people’s performance, even just by scanning and saying “uh-huh” of their work. Give them confidence. Even if there’s a chance, give them spaces to show-off in public, pride is really something that money cant buy.

Hopefully we can be a better leader in each day 😀